Flowmail Logotype Process品牌VI设计欣赏


Flowmail is an email management system geared towards small businesses, those new to marketing and people who are tired of complicated solutions.

The Flowmail team was looking for a distinct and simple typographic logo that instantly conveyed the brand’s informal, friendly and playful personality. It was also important the logo had an element that can be used as a stand-alone graphic. After discussing the initial creative brief, we agreed on working toward a solution using custom lettering.

For the initial concept, I drew up a casual script with a loose, brush-like feel. I explored a variety of options for the ‘f’ and decided to go with a lowercase character to immediately introduce an approachable and friendly personality. The initial concept explored the idea of forming a wave element with the ‘wm’, which created interesting challenges that needed to be resolved, including legibility.

Flowmail Logotype Process品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计1Flowmail Logotype Process品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计2Flowmail Logotype Process品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计3Flowmail Logotype Process品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计4Flowmail Logotype Process品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计5Flowmail Logotype Process品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计6Flowmail Logotype Process品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计7

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