Branding Served' Tommy Tucker品牌VI形象设计欣赏


Tommy Tucker is a music production studio specialising in original compositions, sound design and branding. Their studio is built within our space so we took on their full identity. Our focus was to explore what sound looks like without using obvious solutions and imagery. We couldn't have asked for a better brief and as a result of this the project was a success and the visual language created was interesting and new territory for us.

Branding Served' Tommy Tucker品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计1Branding Served' Tommy Tucker品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计2Branding Served' Tommy Tucker品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计3Branding Served' Tommy Tucker品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计3Branding Served' Tommy Tucker品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计4Branding Served' Tommy Tucker品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计5Branding Served' Tommy Tucker品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计7Branding Served' Tommy Tucker品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计8Branding Served' Tommy Tucker品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计9Branding Served' Tommy Tucker品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计10