Studio Fiz.品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计


Our client, Studio Fiz, is a young interior design company. They would like us to create a branding identity for them that best represents their company image that is young, fresh, innovative, yet professional. We incorporate the idea of creating new dimensions into its branding. Moreover, the emboss effect on the name card creates different optical illusions as it comes into contact with different lightings.

Studio Fiz.品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计1Studio Fiz.品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计2Studio Fiz.品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计3Studio Fiz.品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计4Studio Fiz.品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计5Studio Fiz.品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计6Studio Fiz.品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计7Studio Fiz.品牌VI形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计8