Branding Served' Youcanlive Centre品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计


Psychology centre Youcanlive is based in Moscow and helps inhabitants of the megalopolis to solve psychological problems and simply live their lives to the fullest. There are teaching programs, master-classes with the specialists and also authors psychological classes.

In the course of cooperation with Youcanlive Centre was created the name, the logo, the identity, the web-site and inner spaces of the centre.

Branding Served' Youcanlive Centre品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计1

Branding Served' Youcanlive Centre品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计2Branding Served' Youcanlive Centre品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计3Branding Served' Youcanlive Centre品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计4Branding Served' Youcanlive Centre品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计5Branding Served' Youcanlive Centre品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计6Branding Served' Youcanlive Centre品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计7Branding Served' Youcanlive Centre品牌VI设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计8