Phenix Birthday Week品牌形象设计欣赏


Phénix is one of the most present radio station of the lower Normandy region. To celebrate his 5th birthday, the management asked to Murmure to design the visual identity for an event show. At first, we totally renewed the identity, then we designed a playful, colored and charismatic visual like the line-up. The typographic composition is thought as a set : he organize it and highlights slightly and effectively the information.

Phenix Birthday Week品牌形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计1Phenix Birthday Week品牌形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计2Phenix Birthday Week品牌形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计3Phenix Birthday Week品牌形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计4Phenix Birthday Week品牌形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计5Phenix Birthday Week品牌形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计6Phenix Birthday Week品牌形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计7Phenix Birthday Week品牌形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计8Phenix Birthday Week品牌形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计9Phenix Birthday Week品牌形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计10

Phenix Birthday Week品牌形象设计欣赏-深圳品牌设计

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